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Walter Martinez returns with late night vibes on NOT AROUND!

Following his 2020 debut mixtape LVRBOY, which featured hard hitting beats and heavily processed and distorted vocals, Walter Martinez returns with Not Around! With this single we are furthered introduced to Walter's unique, abstract sound.

Walter floats over a boozy, hard hitting trap soul beat with bright melodies, and sobering lyrics. Once again mixing his signature vocal processing with the emotive background provided by the beat Walter creates a cinematic track focused on an unreqiuted love.

Walter tells a story of a lingering connection with someone who has moved on to a new relationship and how the feelings between two people dont just dissappear. Walter tells this woman to call when her man is "Not Around" and reminisices over lost times while waiting for a response from this unnamed lover.

With this track it is interesting to see the progress Walter has made over such a short period. Not only has his vocals and writing shown improvement through this track, but also Not Around! presents an interesting and unique structure that keeps the listener interested throughout the track. With improved writing and vocal delivery paired with Walter's high level production and vocal processing, NOT AROUND! comes together with a wavy, intoxicated sound to create a chill late night banger. Listen to NOT AROUND! by Walter Martinez here.

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