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Pari Blanco's Dusk Till Dawn Is One of The Best Projects of 2021

After dropping a gem of a project and his most successful single what's next from Pari?

Teaming Up With Andrew Dawn on production, Pari creates a cloudy, ethereal world for the listener. Over Dawn's spacy beats Pari delivers cold flows and melodies throughout this project.

Dusk Till Dawn opens with the lead single, Demon Time. In the opening track Pari sets the mood for the whole project. With cold lines like "This love not forever, catch you later it's gon be a while," and "foot stay on the pedal, little more I keep it moving," Pari paints the picture of his life of getting money, staying on the move, and not being tied down to any one person or thing.

When talking to Pari he told me how his inspiration for this project was "waking up every day and chasing a bag." In that process Pari realized how many distractions are apart of our everyday lives. From Social media, to relationships, or parties, or people who don't want the best for you, there are so many things in this world that can "throw you off course." Pari explained to me how his mindest was focused on getting money and "fuck who aint there for you." This mindset really hits home and comes across in Pari's lyrics in delivery

My Favorite example of this is on the song Aquarius. Pari's raspy voice and laid back delivery pairs beautifully with the hard hitting and hypnotic beat featuring a beautiful sample of an ehru (Chinese violin). While recording this Pari explained how the beat connected to "every emotion [he] was feeling" so he decided not to write anything, just vibe out and catch a flow and ended up freestyling the whole song in about 20 minutes. I think this really comes across in his delivery which is laid back but has an undertone of intensity that really brings the lyrics to life. My favorite line on the whole project is where Pari switches his flow and says "Fuck it let's get to this bread lil bitch, you know that I'm bout my shit, yeah." Its not that the line itself is anything groundbreaking but the way Pari delivers it and the way he switches his flow makes you really feel that emotion and get a view into his mindset.

With 8 songs, and a listening time of about 20 minutes, Dusk Till Dawn is a perfect introduction to Pari Blanco. Pari brings laid back flows and wavy melodies to the table on this project and executes that very well. My favorite songs on this project are, Demon Time, Trinity, and Aquarius. Overall I would give this project an 8/10. And now with a new song, So Far Gone , being his most successful release to date already at 10k plays on Soundcloud,

I am exited to see what's next from the VA rapper.

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