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New College brings us into a vibrant world with lead single, "Glass." Featuring vocals from Steezy, Shunsho, Gephardt Antwi, and Miles Thompson, The group provides a fresh take on boyband pop. Combining a sweet pop instrumental, booming 808s, catchy melodies, and gritty vocal production, Glass tells the story of a relationship in limbo. One of those, "it's complicated."

The hook of Glass sets the scene from the jump, painting a picture of someone obsessing over what they cant have. The combination of all four vocalists provides a cutting edge sound that catches the listeners ear and the lyrics such as "sitting sideways late night, tryna figure out where the hell you is" are vividly emotional.. The first verse which debuts New College artist Shunsho is a masterclass. With classic falsetto delivery, punchy flows, witty lyricism, and a beautifully interesting vocal distortion, Shunsho delivers an amazing verse.

The star of the show however is Gephardt Antwi. With a breathtaking vocal performance that combines angelic overtones with raspy delivery and gritty lyrics, The second verse of this song is one of my favorite musical moments in recent history, and truly takes this song to another level. SteeZy provides a catchy bridge section which appears a few times throughout the track tying the many musical elements throughout this track. Continuing on the themes of the hook with lyrics like "Thought I got over love, havent seen her in months, but now shes in my room." SteeZy takes us into his mind where he believed he's gotten over a lover but cant seem to get them out of his life.

Executive produced by SteeZy, the most impressive thing about this track is the way SteeZy combines all of these different musical elements into a highly orchestrated performance that is perfectly disorienting. The variety of vocal processing is nothing short of amazing, the mix of pitched vocals, panning, stutters, distortion, layering is truly elite level stuff. Specifically, SteeZy shows off with Shunshos vocal which perfectly incapsulates the vibrant nature of the track. Furthermore, the melodic adlibs provided by Gephardt throughout the track come in perfectly and are used to help tie the track together.

New College is really on to something special taking the age old boyband formula and adding some fast paced grit and their on flare for a truly fresh pop take in a market so oversaturated with white washed trap beats and I-iv-V chord progressions. This new cutting edge sound engineered by SteeZy on songs like Glass and Losin it All has me excited for whats next, and with rumors of a group project on the Horizon I cant wait to hear whats next from the boys at New College. Listen to Glass by New College here.

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