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Just Keep Going :), A New Wave of Emo Rap.

In an age where the traditional lil peep, sadboy aesthetic has reached a saturation point, Taj brings a new twist to Emotional rap with his debut, "Just Keep Going :)." A heartfelt record, the genuine emotion is immediately captured as soon as Taj opens his verse by acknowledging his, "mistakes in the past" expressing his longing to move on. Taj continues with a stream of consciousness flow painting his world and mental state.

The lyrics of this song truly touch my heart but more importantly, the emotion

Taj gets across with this track is truly sensational. This record has a sullen backdrop that paints a picture of numbness and cynicism yet Taj's delivery and lyrics bring a more uplifting tone which compliments the cloudy undertones of the beat. Presenting soulful vocal runs, reminiscent of Kid Cudi's hums, and high energy adlibs which keep this slower track interesting and progresses the momentum, Taj puts forth a formula for a new wave of emo trap focused on healing and enlightenment.

As opposed to the doom and destructive drug culture of the contemporary emo trap scene, Taj provides a much more optomistic point of view, almost as if saying I know things are fucked up but its going to be alright. This energy is extremely comforting and feels like a hug from a friend, which is one of many reasons "Just Keep Going :)" is my favorite song of the year. Being his first official release It will be interesting to see if Taj sticks with this formula or develops a different sound, either way I'm here for it. Listen to "Just Keep Going :)" by Taj here.

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