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High Expectations For Linus' first studio album, Casino.

Debuting a new sound, what can we expect from Linus' Casino?

Linus4d is well known amongst many underground circles in Virginia. From working with artists like Black Kray, Big Baby Gucci, and BrickProd for the better part of three years, Linus has been doing this. However, while sporting a strong catalog and following on soundcloud, to date Linus only has released singles, and hasn't had an official release hit streaming services since 2019.

With a string of snippets and teasers posted on linus' Instagram, Linus has been teasing his first album Casino. debuting a new sound, and deviating far from the heavily trap influenced rage rap style from his past tracks, these new snippets feature more classic hip hop flows and cadences over soul samples. Thats not to say Linus' delivery in these clips is stale. The reality is quite the opposite. While using a classic hip hop formula, Linus strays from the path by using intricate flows that catch unorthodox rhythyms to further the storytelling element present in these tracks. His dry voice and almost weary delivery paint a picture of a man willing to go all out for the life he wants.

In the lead up to Casino, Linus has presented us with an aesthetic focused on decadence and luxury, yet rooted in minimalism and simplicity. With lines like "You can keep that sweater im better off with out it" featured in the Mugsy Bogues snippet, Linus paints an image of extravagance and minimalism. I think the contrast of these elements is truly beautfiful visually and even more so when it comes across in the music. In clips like this one we get a sobering take of Linus reminiscing over lost times and reevaluting his decisions after finding his way through the game over the years. Here is a perfect example of not only linus' elegant delivery, but his flow and the way he subverts the traditional 4 count bars to add a fresh twist to a classic sound.

Showcasing the beatiful pardox of elegance within simplicity and bringing a fresh perspective to a timeless sound, Casino is shaping up to be a true masterpiece. Linus' history in the underground scene and the artists that he works with only has me more excited to hear what this album has in store. Casino by Linus, dropping soon.

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