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Gephardt Antwi flexes his singing abilities in debut single "Wan Talk Bout Me."

A true vocalist, Gephardt Antwi finally comes through with his first release, Wan Talk Bout Me, and I could not be more excited. Gephardt confidently slides over the tropical flavored guitar instrumental to bring us a banger just in time for summer.

Gephardt shows his versatility in not only his vocal capabilities with bold and souful runs but also showcases his flow in a tight, bragadocious verse. The hook of this song comes through and delivers catchy melodies and infectious lyrics that bring this track to the next level. Also featuring a verse from Miles Thompson with warm vocals, boastful lyrics, and some of his best singing to date, this track is an all around banger.

Rumors of a project from Gephardt have been floating around and I for one cannot wait for more releases from this VA artist. Gephardt's soulful vocals and bright spirit are evident in this new track which only leaves me wanting to hear more from Mr. Antwi. Until then, we'll just have to enjoy this summer anthem. Listen to Wan Talk Bout Me by Gephardt Antwi here.

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