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[Exclusive] After a string of new snippets, what can we expect from Houston native MONTAJ.

After a string of brand new snippets, Montaj has the people waiting for more.

Houston based artist and filmographer Montaj is starting of his music career on the right foot. After teasing multiple snippets on his instagram and posting two songs including his track White Bronco, I cant help but wonder when is the project coming.

His video snippets are hypnotic and edgy with a grunge aesthetic mixed with hip hop sensibilities. These tracks feature laidback, trance like flows, trippy beats and introspective lyrics.

This new, exclusive snippet showcases a different side of Montaj's ability. Mixing catchy, melodic flows mixed with introspective lyrics Montaj teases us with his best work to date.

With no official releases and only a few songs on youtube and soundcloud, Montaj has already showcased a knack for deep introspective lyrics, and unique cadences that come together to create a very authentic sound. When I asked about a project in the works he did not make any comments. However, after hearing all of these snippets and seeing these new visuals from this Houston artist, I cant help but wonder what's next?

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