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After Swords' viral success, powerhouse duo C! and Young Wabo return with NEVER2LATE

After seeing viral success following the December release of Swords, C! and Young Wabo are back and better.

Over a hypnotic and trippy sampled beat, C! and Young Wabo flex their pen game trading verses in NEVER2LATE.

C! opens the song narrating the isolation he feels as he dives into his craft ultimately knowing that the sacrifices made in the short term will pay off in the end.

Wabo picks up where C! left off detailing how he stopped taking classes without his parents permission. Wabo states how we feels "A rose was in the dirt" and told his parents how it was time to grow that into a beautiful flower.

Featuring production from Connor Puccini, and some of C! and Wabo's best verses theres no wonder this song is so fire. After this song and swords, C! and Wabo are truly looking like the leaders of a new wave of avant garde jazz rap. Calling on influences from Navy Blue, Mike, Mavi, and Earl Sweatshirt, this powerhouse duo of MC's is providing a fresh new sound in one of the most progressive subgenres of hip hop, and I cannot wait to hear what else they have coming.

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