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Parker Lopez
Parker Lopez

PSP Vintage Warmer 2: The Ultimate Analog-Style Compressor/Limiter Plug-in

the filters comprise 2 channel compressors (with attack and release settings), a 3 band graphic equaliser (with gain control for controlling the amount of compression), a multi-band compressor and a limiter, all with controls for level, threshold and ratio. its a bit of a beast but if you need the ultimate compression and de-esser for the tightest, punchiest mixes, its the way to go. the lofi filter is a very simple yet versatile lofi filter to put some depth and space in to your tracks, and the vintage warmer comes with all the classic tones for adding a warmth, tone and charm. there is no dry/wet control for this filter, meaning that it just adds a bit more depth to your audio. the vintage warmer is a very simple plugin that can be used to warm up your mixes and add depth and character to your tracks.

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to make things even easier for producers, native instruments have included an ultra-simple (and free) player version that can load any plugins from a folder of your choice. to use this version, simply drag the folder containing the vintage warmer plugin into your players plugins folder, and then drag the vintage warmer folder into the players audio folder.

well, now you have a great way to beef up your mixes, turn up the volume, add depth and character, and make your tracks tighter, punchier and stand out more. with the vintage warmer, its time to step up and let the vintage wars begin, and youll be glad you did!

i also used the waves c1 compressor and the waves l1 limiter. i thought that this would be a good song to use it on, since it has a lot of sustain and it has these really long-sounding chords, and the c1 was good for that. so i used that as the compressor, and the l1 was good for the limiter. then i used the psp vintage warmer and the steely dan.


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