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Other phobias, such as a fear of being alone (autophobia), may actually play into developing phasmophobia. Research suggests people who have intense fears of being alone, especially at night or when sleeping, may likewise have a fear of these ghostly presences.


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most common therapy treatment for phobias, including phasmophobia. A mental health specialist will work with you to understand the source of your fear and then help you develop coping mechanisms you can deploy when you sense the fear rising.

first. plug it into the pc and the vr. make sure you have the oculus app on pc. next go to steam and get steam vr. 3rd launch phasmophobia. there should be 2 options. play in desktop or play in steamvr mode. of course you know what to pick.

Before a formal diagnosis, your healthcare provider will likely want to rule out other possible health conditions that could be mistaken for phasmophobia. These could include conditions such as dementia, some forms of epilepsy, psychosis, nocturnal panic attacks, and other phobias. 041b061a72


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