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Plug Amp; Play For Mac

Amped Roots Free is our first amp sim release and it comes with a free amp. We want everyone to experience our amp modeling quality and plug'n'play design. Just like with real amps you will not spend a lot of time tweaking.

Plug amp; Play For Mac

Download Zip:

A very special ML Sound Lab quality IR captured from Fluff's actual 2x12 of choice is included as a bonus when you get Amped Roots Full License. Simply load that IR into the cabinet section and you can play through Fluff's cab with mics placed just the way he likes it.

There will be times when you will want to play your electric guitar without an amplifier. Being able to practice in silence in the middle of the night or travel without having to bring an amp with you can be handy.

There are four ways you can play an electric guitar without an amp. You can play your guitar with any headphones or speakers using a PC or Mac, using an iPhone or iPad, using a micro-amp, or with a multi-effects pedal.

The above photo shows a very popular audio interface that allows you to plug your electric guitar into a PC or Mac. You could also use it to play acoustic guitar or vocals by plugging a microphone into it.

While some of these mini amps are garbage in terms of guitar tone, others provide you with an excellent guitar tone you can either play in silence using headphones or at a low volume using the inbuilt speaker.

Yes, you can play an electric bass without an amp by connecting it to a computer, smartphone, or multi-effects pedal. There are many portable devices you can plug your bass into that allows you to play bass with headphones or speakers.

Founded in 2016 by André Kirchner & Reimund Dratwa, Black Rooster Audio is best known for its beautifully designed vintage gear emulation plug-ins for producing, mixing, and mastering audio. Headquartered in Erfurt, Thuringia - Germany, Black Rooster Audio is passionate about combining the finest of vintage analogue sound and modern technology.

For me, performing solo with a laptop let me privilege the kind of sonic fairy dust I had been offering as a side musician, shifting the lush pads and textures I had delivered to singer/songwriters for years out from the background and into the focus of attention. Plus, as someone who does not sing or play typical solo guitar, playing through a laptop let me take control of my performance opportunities: no pesky bandmate schedules to consider for rehearsal or booking.

Many guitarists already use a laptop to record everything from demos to final releases. These days, all it takes is a guitar, an audio interface, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and a pair of speakers or even good headphones, and you are ready to make your next masterpiece. If you have worked this way, you have likely discovered plug-ins. Instantiated in a DAW, plug-ins offer sonic shaping and effect routing that is difficult or impossible to achieve with pedals. Even if you could, it would require a pedalboard the size of the entire stage and a router/switching system of NASA-level complexity. Multi-effects units might get you part of the way there but as yet cannot offer the range of potential sounds available with a computer.

To plug your guitar into your computer, you will need an interface, which converts your signal from analog to digital. There are many available options, including the Universal Audio Arrow (available used for $350-$399) or Focusrite Scarlett ($179 street). You only need one input, unless you use both electric and acoustic guitars, which have different input requirements. The number of outputs will depend on your signal chain.

This is my performance setup in Ableton Live. It includes the Jam Origin MIDI Guitar plug-in ($149 street) that lets me control spoken-word recordings in a sampler without any kind of MIDI pickup on my guitar. Also shown is a great granular processing plugin, Stream, from Delta Sound Labs ($49 street).

Would you like to hear two great examples of guitarists using Ableton Live onstage? Check out any video with Eivind Aarset performing. Aarset uses it for a variety of sounds, including ambient reverbs and delays and looping. John Scofield collaborator Avi Bortnick also uses Live for myriad sounds and textures, one of which includes using his guitar to open a noise gate that lets rap vocals cut through only when he plays.

As with any performance, hearing yourself is crucial. If you are using guitar amps or powered speakers, they will act as monitors. Some powered speakers may have XLR outs to send to the house PA. If you are only running through the PA, you may want to use headphones plugged into your interface to be assured of hearing the same thing as the audience.

The Guitar Rig 6 requires a minimum of macOS 10.15 or Windows 10 operating systems, Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD CPU, and 4 GB RAM, and is available in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU plugin versions.

It models hardware guitar amps to give you a variety of guitar tones, from warm to gritty to fuzzy to funky. It includes vintage amps, and plugins from native instruments and Softube, so whether you want to create tones for jazz, metal, rock n roll, or pop, native instruments offer the right and versatile guitar rig.

It is based on the Destructor plugin, known for its high-quality amp simulations, and offers an extensive range of customizable tones for guitar and bass players. It features two channels for amp simulation, each with its own pre and post-effects. These channels can be blended or used independently, providing flexibility similar to that of a real amplifier.

The software offers a vast array of presets to choose from, or you can use the built-in editor to create your own custom amp models with complete control over the tone, making it a great amp plugin for guitars, bass, and other acoustic instruments.

Overall, it is a comprehensive and versatile plugin that offers a wide range of effects and amp simulations that can be used to shape the sound of the guitar and bass recordings. Its flexible routing system, built-in tuner, and MIDI Learn feature makes it easy to use and integrate with other tools.

Just like the OG version of this amp, the Ampeg V-4B plugin is highly versatile and faithful to the classic Ampeg sound. Simple controls, yet a vast range of timbres, from the famous Ampeg beefy low-end to much more shrill, gritty treble frequencies.

The Alliance Ampeg V-4B plugin is available for Windows 7 through 10 64-bit and macOS 10.9 through 11.0.1 64-bit. And it comes in VST2, VST3 ,AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, and AAX AudioSuite formats.

The most modern-sounding bass amp plugin that you can find today. Based on the Alpha Omega 900 bass head made by Darkglass Electronics, the Blackice Beta Gamma Bass Amplifier will get all the complex dynamics required for a modern bass sound.

Nembrini Audio designed it with the ambition to help players get a dirtier, more contemporary bass timbre. They did that by combining new technologies such as Impulse/Response, or just IR, which is a technology that enables a precise emulation of acoustic behavior and acoustic settings.

The Blackice Beta Gamma Bass Amplifier plugin is available for Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit DAW, and Mac OS 10.9 or newer 64-bit DAW. And it comes in VST2, VST3, AAX, or AudioUnits compatible host.

It aims to provide a realistic emulation of classic bass guitar amplifiers and effects, allowing you to create various tonal options and add warmth and character to your bass tracks. The plugin features a variety of controls and parameters, including gain, tone, and EQ, as well as effects such as overdrive and distortion.

The plugin allows you to adjust the microphone position and type, giving you a more customized sound. With a wide range of amp models, cabinet impulses, and unique tone-shaping controls, you can create tonal options and add a unique character to your bass tracks. However, while it is a powerful plugin, it may require some experimentation and adjustments to find the right settings.

The bassdude is one of the only amp plugins that do an A-class work of emulating the warm, clean tone that you get from a tube-based Fender tweed amp like a Blues Deluxe or a Bassman with not much gain on.

The Blackice Beta Gamma Bass Amplifier plugin is available for Windows 7 through 10 64-bit and macOS 10.9 through 11.0.1 64-bit. And it comes in VST2, VST3, AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, and AAX AudioSuite formats.

The Eden WT-800 bass amp plugin is a remarkably versatile and wide-ranging tool. It has incredibly high fidelity sound throughout, and it allows you to achieve not only those harsh, stern vintage bass tones but also some of the immaculate, crisp sounds required for Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop sounds.

One of the most famous amp plugins ever, truly a classic now much more resourceful in this latest version. Pedals, amps, cabinets, speakers, microphones, rooms, effect racks, all in one interface.

The Vandal virtual guitar & bass amplification, made by MAGIX, is essentially a guitar amp plugin with a foot in the bass world. One versatile bass amp emulation, as good as the guitar-dedicated ones.

Not precisely a dedicated bass amp plugin, but it certainly does the job, especially if you play both instruments, then this is a perfect match. The effects, eq, and general controls are significant and very much easy to get on.

Only a couple of brands have the prestige of Gallen-Krueger bass amps, used worldwide; GK amps are synonyms of sonic quality. For this reason, Audified decided to pick the most wanted ones and emulate them in one plugin. 350c69d7ab


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