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Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Massive Big Butt

If you want a bigger, rounder, firmer bum right away, shapewear works best. Designed to lift and enhance what you already have, shapewear can help bring out your natural curves and make your butt look more defined.

massive big butt

If your backside is on the smaller side and you want to make it bigger or more shapely, there are ways to go about this. If you want immediate results, shapewear can help give your bum an instant lift. A costlier, but more permanent solution, involves cosmetic procedures like butt implants or lifts.

"Huge Butt" - in comparison with Hyper Butt - implies that the character's buttocks, while very large, are still proportionate to the rest of the character's body, and typically remain within the realm of realism, or at least, believability.

The only downside I can think of is the smallest tits on the planet. Have you also noticed that Kelsi is tanning too? Her sense of style might be out of fashion, but it does not matter when you have a big ass like hers. I have found that true with most things in life. You can overlook small issues if the bigger picture (which is her butt) is still there.

Peek at that round butt. Premature ejaculation is guaranteed. Even without the oil or extra lube, it looks like a piece of art that generations should preserve. Great curves and cock bending booty. You can see she is cool about it too, fist-bumping with a fellow male pornstar.

Mandy Muse? More like ass muse. Her round ass is massive, and I am not talking about fat, disgusting massive. She is a true jewel to look at. Hopefully, one of you, brave souls will have an opportunity to fuck her in your dreams.

Her pussy looks a bit strange for some reason (must be due to multiple dicks and continuous fucking), but the butt is all we need. At least she knows how to move it, bouncing and exposing the best ass curves without taking a sweat. Albrite seems to be a hard-working pornstar too that I am happy to add to this top 10 post.

It is a perfect thing to look at pound hard. It is worth noting that due to massive ass proportions, the vagina appears very small, which I think is due to perspective. Judging from the video, the asshole has seen some cocks in its lifetime. Probably not thousands but we are getting there. Bite the pillow, because I am going in dry. Hopefully, it will hurt a little too. The last few seconds are just fantastic, look almost inhuman.

Sadly, judging from her looks and my past experiences, it would be in tens of seconds, if not less. I like girls with round butts that start at a different angle (not sure how to explain that), where the ass itself is not covering the asshole and you can get your cock for easy access. Her massive but is already red from all the spanking, I fucking love that.

Speaking of Wildwood, it recently decided to allow horseback riding on the beach. Now before you bring up the issue of what the horses might leave behind vs. cigarette butts, be advised horses are only allowed on the beach from October 1 to April 30 when not very many sun worshippers are lying on their blankets. And besides, horses are a lot prettier than cigarettes.

Just saying them out loud has, for decades, evoked images of massive fortunes safely tucked away in the mountains, behind a wall of well-dressed bankers who will politely refuse, in three languages, to answer any questions posed by your local taxman. 041b061a72


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