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Cedar Noise Reduction Plugin

CEDAR Noise Reduction Plugin: A Review

If you are looking for a professional and effective solution to reduce noise from your audio recordings, you may have heard of CEDAR, a company that specializes in audio restoration and forensic audio systems. CEDAR offers a range of hardware and software products that use advanced algorithms to suppress unwanted noise and enhance speech intelligibility. In this article, we will focus on one of their software products, the CEDAR Studio DNS, which is a dialogue noise suppressor plugin for Pro Tools and other DAWs.

What is CEDAR Studio DNS?

CEDAR Studio DNS is a plugin that offers the Academy Award winning noise suppression technology of the CEDAR DNS hardware units, but with more flexibility and convenience. It consists of two modules: DNS One and DNS Two, which can be used separately or together depending on your needs. DNS One is designed for multi-channel post-production in the film, video, and TV industries, while DNS Two is ideal for location sound recording and live broadcast. Both modules use CEDAR's unique LEARN capability that allows them to adapt continually to changes in the noise, even when the wanted signal is present.


How does CEDAR Studio DNS work?

CEDAR Studio DNS works by analyzing the incoming audio signal and separating it into two components: the wanted signal (such as speech) and the unwanted noise (such as traffic, air conditioning, wind, etc.). It then applies a sophisticated filter that attenuates the noise while preserving the quality and clarity of the wanted signal. The user can adjust the amount of noise reduction using a simple slider or a graphical display that shows the frequency spectrum of the audio. The plugin also has a bypass button that allows you to compare the processed and unprocessed audio easily.

What are the benefits of using CEDAR Studio DNS?

CEDAR Studio DNS has many benefits for audio professionals who need to deal with noisy recordings. Some of them are:

  • It can make unusable interviews intelligible, save huge costs in ADR, and rescue dialogue for countless movies.

  • It can eliminate motor noise from recordings, electrical interference, and unfavourable acoustics and microphone locations.

  • It can suppress noise in live situations ranging from theatre productions to conferences and rallies.

  • It can improve the clarity and loudness of live broadcasts in noisy and reverberant environments.

  • It can enhance audio evidence for law enforcement, security, and military applications.

  • It can integrate with Pro Tools and other DAWs seamlessly and operate with zero latency.

  • It can be controlled remotely using the DNS 2 hardware unit or an iPad app.

How much does CEDAR Studio DNS cost?

CEDAR Studio DNS is available as a perpetual license or a subscription license. The perpetual license costs $3,995 USD for both modules or $2,495 USD for each module separately. The subscription license costs $49 USD per month for both modules or $29 USD per month for each module separately. You can also request a trial license to test the plugin before buying it.


CEDAR Studio DNS is a powerful and versatile plugin that can reduce noise from any audio source with minimal impact on the wanted signal. It is widely used in various industries and applications where audio quality and clarity are essential. If you are interested in trying out CEDAR Studio DNS, you can visit their website [here] or contact them [here].


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