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Buy Diwan Furniture Online

Diwan Bed - Buy Wooden Divan Bed Online in India to revamp the style and pattern of furnishing in your home. Get beautiful and multi-functional wooden diwan bed online that can be easily converted from single to double bed. So, buy Diwan Beds and Diwan sets online with best deals accompanied by pool of other facilities from latest designs of diwan sofa online available at Wooden Street!

buy diwan furniture online

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Buy Divan Bed Online to experience the royal pleasure, as we all know that diwan beds are considered to be the part of royal bedding. Our gorgeous range of diwan bed furniture incorporates most common, useful and affordable divan beds. Although modern Diwan Bed designs are economical and low in price as compared to regular bed, but that does not mean divan bed will not provide you with an equivalent amount of comfort. You can use the same mattress that you use for your bed to get the satisfactory comfort.

We have a sleek and modern diwan bed online in India for your convenience, so as to help you select the best among good range of diwan beds online. The royal diwan furniture keeps the guests spell bound with its luxe appearance. These diwan cum beds are also light in weight so can be easily accommodated, shifted and placed. Whenever you plan to change the existing setting of your room or even if, you are the one who need to shift at regular interval of time, the modern diwan bed with storage seems to provide the perfect solution for you. But whenever we plan for single divan bed online shopping, its better to survey different models available in that category. As there are various styles of wooden diwan online which are designed with contemporary touch to compliment different style of decor. Our divan furniture collection can be categorised into two types - divan sofa and diwan bed, which can be adjusted as per your timely requirements.

The classic divan bed constituted in amiable designs will very well compliment the interiors of your room. We have an elegant divan beds online range which includes most pleasant designs that can overcome the space constraint of your room efficiently. If you are looking forward to shop divan sofa bed for your house, we have latest models of wooden diwan bed size diwan bed size 6x4 which are crafted paying attention to the specific details. They are raised up to an appreciable height from the floor and come with confines. Then there are extendable diwan beds for small space that can be easily converted from single to double bed.

The well crafted contemporary diwan sofa models have a heightened confines that can protect you and give you a proper feel of the bed. The extendable diwan bed sounds very interesting concept, as you can use it as single bed generally and extend it to get a double bed when the need be. This way, you don't have to keep the space occupied unnecessarily. Getting a designer divans online India is absolutely a wise decision therefore go ahead as we offer multiple options to you in different regards, in order to make their presence more pleasing. The day bed surely prove to be a good investment with the functionality they possess. These days the concept of divan bed with storage is also trending to deal with the space constraint. Thus, they are amongst the appealing wooden furniture units.

Divan Beds have the roots from elegant traditional furniture which are even popular today because of the classy look they carry no matter where you place them. If you want to buy diwan bed online, then come, browse through stylish and modern designs, complimented so well with beautiful wooden finish. For those who love to have luxurious units, the divan cum bed online at Wooden Street serves to be the perfect solution to them. When you go through different models you will realise that the grace possessed by sheesham wood divans is beyond comparision.

They ensure prolonged longevity allowing you to have elongated experience of the royal pleasure. The wooden diwan designs you get here are worth possessing in order to own the best diwan. At Wooden Street you will get different finishes, like teak, honey, mahogany, walnut. And the amazing styles of wooden divan bed online will enable you to find the best one for your home.

One should prefer Wooden Street over any other retail or e-tail outlet because we laboriously work on the new and existing products and try to make them better with our unique and exclusive ideas. Such effort results to marvellous creations like new divan sofa blended with the elegant traditional touch which makes an alluring addition to the home interiors. We work day in and day out to provide you with the best varieties of products. You can check-out the dazzling range of Indian divan bed in Jaipur, Delhi and our other offline furniture stores.

You can also try other variants coming with storage, without storage or the poster style as per your taste and convenience to give a classy look to the interior design of your home. Wooden Street is not just a random furniture store, but it is a place where we pledge to make your home a place worth living in. We cater our customers with diverse facilities and services to make their experience of buying diwan bed online from Wooden Street, a memorable one. And thus, come up with vivid ideas like the beautifully crafted wooden diwan bed designs, bunk beds, box beds, kids bed etc. Not only this, you can explore the new range of metal furniture here.

They offer you with the gorgeous home decor and home furnishing items such as diwan sets for your diwans. You can also browse bedroom, living room like stools, sofa cum bed, settees, benches, arm chairs, Indian divan bed designs, sofa set, cupboards and also the kids bedroom furniture to amplify the interiors. The contemporary day bed models are such verstile piece that you can be experimental with them. Don't think much, just have a look at different styles with multiple design combinations to shop divans online, making the perfect choice for your home. Find divan in other location in India at divan in Bangalore, divan in Mumbai, divan in Chennai, divan in Delhi, divan in Noida, divan in Jaipur, divan in Pune, divan in Gurugram, divan in Hyderabad, Etc

A Diwan bed is a versatile furniture piece that blends the beauty of a sofa and bed. A divan bed is spacious enough to be used as a couch and a bed. Divan beds are available in various materials, so check our collection to browse it all.

A wooden diwan can make your room look picture-worthy almost effortlessly! This gorgeous piece of furniture comes in various designs, all of which you can find on your favourite online shopping app. Are you already excited to buy a wooden diwan? You can choose from various brands including Aarsun, Induscraft, Balaji, Timber Trail, and Urban Ladder. The price of this furniture piece will definitely fit within your budget. Oh, and before you go shopping, have a look at the different types of diwan sets:

Rich in heritage and culture, there is something about a traditional South Indian home. There is a sense of calmness when you enter a traditional house. If you have designed your house, keeping the South Indian architecture in mind, then a low-lying diwan is a good furniture piece to have. It will look elegant when you place it in your living room. You can make this piece of furniture look even more beautiful by arranging exquisite pillows and cushions on it.

The best way to highlight this gorgeous furniture piece is by placing different varieties of cushions on it. You can place circular cushions on the backrest and then place cylindrical ones on either side. Not to forget, cover these cushions with elaborate cushion covers. The ones with embroidery and elegant prints will add more charm to the setting.

Place an antique cupboard next to the sofa set. You can utilise this cupboard to keep crockery or books. It will definitely add more vibrancy to the room. You can enhance this space further by hanging a traditional lamp near the diwan. 041b061a72


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