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Andrew Stewart

My Sisters Keeper

Upon the original creation of the film adaptation, sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning were cast to play Kate and Anna respectively. However, when Dakota heard that she would be required to shave her head for the role, she dropped out of the film as then did Elle. The two sisters were replaced, with Abigail Breslin taking on the lead role as Anna Fitzgerald and Sofia Vassilieva on the role of Kate Fitzgerald.[3] Jodi Picoult said in interview she regretted letting Cassavetes direct the film, as he changed its ending from her novel.[4]

My Sisters Keeper


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This Hallmark Hall of Fame production (Sunday at 9 p.m., CBS) tells the true story of Christine (Kathy Bates) and Judy (Elizabeth Perkins), sisters whose journey of discovery and reconciliation has the feel of quirky realism, not schmaltz. 041b061a72


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