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Cool Tool.bat

Oh yes, I saved the coolest for the end. Fzf (fuzzy finder) is a super fast tool written in Go which does just one thing: It takes a list of lines as an input and then let's a user fuzzy search in them for some text.

cool tool.bat

Habitat modification can improve outcomes for imperilled wildlife. Insectivorous bats in North America face a range of conservation threats, including habitat loss and white-nose syndrome (WNS). Even healthy bats face energetic constraints during spring, but enhancement of roosting habitat could reduce energetic costs, increase survival and enhance recovery from WNS. We tested the potential of artificial heating of bat roosts as a management tool for threatened bat populations. We predicted that: (i) after hibernation, captive bats would be more likely to select a roost maintained at a temperature near their thermoneutral zone; (ii) bats recovering from WNS at the end of hibernation would show a stronger preference for heated roosts compared with healthy bats; and (iii) heated roosts would result in biologically significant energy savings. We housed two groups of bats (WNS-positive and control) in separate flight cages following hibernation. Over 7.5 weeks, we quantified the presence of individuals in heated vs. unheated bat houses within each cage. We then used a series of bioenergetic models to quantify thermoregulatory costs in each type of roost under a number of scenarios. Bats preferentially selected heated bat houses, but WNS-affected bats were much more likely to use the heated bat house compared with control animals. Our model predicted energy savings of up to 81.2% for bats in artificially heated roosts if roost temperature was allowed to cool at night to facilitate short bouts of torpor. Our results are consistent with research highlighting the importance of roost microclimate and suggest that protection and enhancement of high-quality, natural roosting environments should be a priority response to a range of threats, including WNS. Our findings also suggest the potential of artificially heated bat houses to help populations recover from WNS, but more work is needed before these might be implemented on a large scale.

So this is my idea. Could you add wooden baseball bat as new survivor tool into the game? This baseball bat would be single use only that stuns killer and you wouldn't find this from the chest. So there would be maximum 4 baseball bat stuns in 1 match if every survivor carries one. You would have to been right next to killer to use this and would take like 0,5sec - 1sec activation time. Mostly this would be used to make to rescue another survivor from killers grip, but would also be new cool tool to be used if you are being chased. It would be harder to use in chase, because it would require survivor to dodge killers hit or taking a hit and injuring yourself to be able to execute stun with the bat. This would be easily countered by killers who use perks which lower melee hit cooldowns, melee hit miss cooldowns etc.

Metal Bat is a tool in One Punch Man and a rare class in One Punch Man Destiny optimized for mid range combat due to it having multiple mid-range moves. The cool-downs are slower than most tools, making timing an important factor in fighting.

Battery Packs of power tools are usually passive cooled. Q-Bat coupled with MATLAB Simulink allowed defining a complex electric current load and get the time evolution of 3-D temperature distribution.

Contrary to many CFD solvers or reduced-order models, Q-Bat already has equivalent circuit models of cells. Also, it accounts for varrying mass flow rate of the coolant or dependence of internal resistance on temperature and SOC.

The brief explanation is short. Q-Bat starts with the CAD geometry (or the mesh), assembles the finite element matrices (as each CFD solver would do), and you apply the boundary conditions (external temperatures, electric load, mass flow rate of the coolant). Next, however, it does not start solving the discretized equations but runs automatic model order reduction. To do so, Q-Bat calculates eigenvectors of the heat conduction problem and generates 1-D finite volumes in the cooling channels. By doing so, the number of unknowns in the system is usually reduced approximately 1000 times. Then, Q-Bat starts time iterations in the reduced vector space and visualizes the 3-D temperature results back on the full 3-D mesh

Unlike most superheroes, Batman has no special powers of his own, unless you count his brilliant mind and highly trained body. That's just fine when he's up against purse snatchers and carjackers, but when he goes up against supervillains like Mister Freeze and Darkseid, Batman relies on a huge collection of gadgets and weapons to fill the gaps where fists and kicks just won't cut it. Over the years, Batman has become known for his cool tools and fans always look forward to seeing what he'll pull out next.

The idea of a batarang that can knock out ghosts is actually pretty cool... until you get into what Nth metal is. Nth metal is one of the most powerful metals in the DC universe. It's what lets Hawkman (or anyone else who wears it) defy gravity and fly. It also has mystical properties that can help you heal, regrow body parts and even bring the dead back to life. In other words, having Nth metal is a big deal and Batman could sure do more with it than just throw it at ghosts.

At first, Batman just used a simple grappling hook to attach his rope, but the grappling gun quickly became a smash hit. By pointing the gun at a spot and pulling the trigger, he can launch his rope hundreds of feet in the air, punch a hole into solid rock and swing down on the bad guys. Without it, you'd see Batman just running across rooftops. Not as cool.

This may seem overly simplistic to be considered a 'Bat-Gadget,' but the smoke pellet, while readily accessible to other heroes, villains, and even real-life people, is also essential to Batman.Sometimes, Batman uses the smoke pellets for their old-school ninja method of escape. Even the man known to disappear without a sound sometimes needs a little cover to silently vacate a bad situation. Sometimes, he throws the smoke pellets early, relying on advanced vision and rebreathers in his mask, or even just his own ultra-advanced martial arts training, to take down a large group of baddies with minimal collateral damage.Let's face it, ninja have used smoke pellets for centuries because they're functional, and Batman will keep using them for the same reason.Plus, it just plain looks cool.

From simple convertible to bat-adorned (and even shaped) speedster, from fast-traveling tank to high-tech flying car, the Batmobile has been a staple in Batman comics, film, animation, live-action, video games; basically, where there's a Batman, there's a Batmobile. The ultimate cool factor, the Batmobile has, in most incarnations, been a Bond-car on steroids. Q would kill to get under the hood and see the weaponry, both defensive and offensive, the conversion points, and of course those awesome rocket thrusters for when Batman really needs to catch a bad guy fast.But the Batmobile is more than just a cool car with some big power. The vehicle also extends Batman's mythos (Face it, when a souped-up car comes crashing toward you at 80 miles an hour with all sorts of weaponry roaring out, you're gonna be a little scared), extends his reach across the city he's sworn to protect, and acts as a mobile command center. From the Batmobile, Batman can access his Bat computer, keep spare gadgets, contact allies, and even occasionally simply hold a change of clothes.It's a big part of the fanboy fantasy. Sure, we'd love to pull bad-ass martial arts moves to take down 20 goons in one go, or soar across the sky on a grappling hook, cape, and a prayer - but what we all really want to do is get behind the wheel of the Batmobile, and kick it into high gear.Recent movie versions of the iconic vehicle have been more like tanks than cars. But a first look at the new model for the currently in-production The Batman showed a version that takes things back to a more muscle car-inspired style. 041b061a72


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