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Home Alone Buy Dvd

Nobody's safe walking home alone at night, but the idea that women shouldn't take that particular risk has surely been an axiom from the beginning of civilization - how else can men enforce sexual exclusivity? That's beside the point here, but the general notion of vulnerability is the basis for an independent avant-garde horror film with several attention-grabbing hooks. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is directed by a woman, specifically an Iranian-American with art-school taste and a keen instinct for genre innovation. It's a drama about a female vampire that stalks her victims wearing a traditional black hijab. The B&W movie has well-defined characters but the emphasis is on a spooky atmosphere. That anybody can make an interesting vampire movie in the cultural sinkhole left behind by the Twilight films is quite an achievement. Director Ana Lily Amirpour employs lot of post-millennial content, especially a hip music track, but what she's put together has clean lines and a classic look.

home alone buy dvd

The Kino Lorber Blu-ray of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is the most savvy independent horror disc release I've seen in some time. Ana Lily Amirpour's commercial instincts are as keen as her reading of the independent cult market -- her show has a Jim Jarmusch visual look but also thinks to include smatterings of nudity, and frank sexual suggestiveness. Kino Lorber's Blu-ray comes with a fat book containing promotional text about the movie but also an entire Amirpour graphic novel that chronicles a racy back story for her vampire character. I should ask some twenty year-olds walking alone at night whether that's a good move these days. It certainly makes for a deluxe disc package.

The Baxter family move from California to Maine and settle into their new house during the Christmas season. 10-year-old Finn Baxter (Christian Martyn) and his older sister Alexis (Jodelle Ferland) are technophiles who isolate themselves from their parents Curtis (Doug Murray) and Catherine (Ellie Harvie) and the outside world. Finn is often playing video games and Alexis is often on her phone and computer. Encouraged by his dad to socialize, Finn befriends his neighbor Mason (Peter DaCunha) who informs him about the legend of a smothered gangster whose ghost haunts the Baxters' new home, leaving Finn paranoid.

While the family leaves their home to go Christmas shopping, a group of thieves consisting of Sinclair (Malcolm McDowell), Jessica (Debi Mazar), and their new safecracker Hughes (Eddie Steeples) carry out their plan to break in and steal an old, long lost Edvard Munch painting valued at $85 million, unaware the house is occupied. They are unable to locate the painting in the basement safe. As the Baxters return home, the thieves quickly flee. At night, Curtis and Catherine leave for a Christmas party hosted by Catherine's new boss, Mr. Carson (Ed Asner). Finn and Alexis stay behind upon being grounded by their parents for their actions. Finn is not permitted to play video games and Alexis can only use her phone for emergency calls.

As an ongoing snowstorm worsens, Curtis and Catherine are forced to stay at the Christmas party, worrying about their kids at home. With Alexis locked behind the safe, Finn goes shopping for supplies at a hardware store to break her out, only being able to afford string. After stumbling across Sinclair, he overhears the trio discuss plans to break into his house. Rushing home, Finn tells his online friend Simon (Bill Turnbull) about the situation. Finn sets up numerous booby traps around the house, including ice on the patio (a trap from the original film), a snow blower blowing marbles in the garage, a carton full of tar, a coal-filled stocking, some nasty-tasting gingerbread cookies, and cotton balls and flour flying out of the sink. The thieves are forced to go through the booby traps, getting injured as they do so, with the glamorous Jessica getting covered in tar. Soon enough, Curtis and Catherine are able to drive home. Using Finn's gamertag and his parents' credit card details, a concerned Simon contacts them to warn about the danger their kids are in, but they suspect him and call the police on him instead.

Meanwhile, Sinclair and Hughes gain entry to the safe, finding the painting and Alexis, who threatens to destroy it. Finn flees and frees Alexis while triggering the trap that locks the duo in the basement, which is seen on Simon's television by the police officers who detained him. With Jessica encased inside a snowman by Mason, the police arrive to arrest the intruders. The family receives four museum passes and $30,000 as a reward for capturing the fugitives and recovering the painting. As an apology, Finn's parents send Simon a plane ticket to return home and spend Christmas with his family.

100,000 stand-alone HD-DVD players have been sold in the U.S., not including the 150,000 XBox 360 HD-DVD drives, nor the indefinite number of internal drives stashed in personal computers. The current assumption of Blu-Ray supremacy (given the disc charts) might not last long, given that of the 1.5 million out there, about 1.4 million are inside Playstation 3s. Which is to say that, however meaningless it might ultimately be, more people have explicitly bought a dedicated HD-DVD player than have a Blu-Ray player.

2) The talk should be performed in a park setting with a "real" visitor audience. Off-site programs that interpret park resources are also appropriate. Please submit a program that was intentionally prepared as a stand-alone talk. (A portion of some other activity will likely not certify unless it clearly functions as a stand-alone talk.)

But the price on stand-alone DVD players should drop over the next year or so, and since today's TV sets can't use all of the improved video quality, you may want to wait to buy one for your living room. 041b061a72


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